TMS Clinic Jersey – about us.

We are pleased to introduce to Jersey the first and only Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Clinic.

Over the past decade, TMS has gained increasing acceptance as a safe and effective treatment for depression and other mental health disorders, and it is now widely available at medical centres and clinics in the UK and throughout the world.

The access to TMS on the mainland UK for residents of Jersey is extremely limited due to the length of treatment, added cost and inconvenience.

Dr Jack Krysztofiak recognised a need for an alternative treatment for mental health conditions in Jersey and decided to make it available locally.

TMS Jersey Clinic was established in 2023.

All clinical staff at TMS Jersey Clinic are certified internationally in application of TMS treatment.

We use latest equipment helping us to deliver treatment effectively and safely.

We plan to expand our treatment offer including other treatment modalities such as transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS and others.

Access to treatment is simple and straightforward.

We accept referrals from General practitioners (G.P’s), psychiatrists and other specialist colleagues, or via the self-referral process. All referrals will be screened via an initial assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist to assess suitability prior to agreeing to any treatment.

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About Us

Dr Jacek Krysztofiak (Dr Jack) has been practicing psychiatry since 1995. He qualified as a Consultant in 1999 and operated a successful private practice in South Africa until 2018 when he moved to the UK.

He is registered with GMC on Specialist register under the category General Psychiatry (GMC Number 6091699 ). He is a Specialist Associate of Royal College of Psychiatrists UK.

Dr Jack has been living and working in Jersey for the past four years.

Dr Jack is keen to offer innovative and diverse treatment options in psychiatry. He obtained his first international certification in clinical TMS in 2021. He attended a refresher certification course again in 2023.

Dr Jack has recognised a need for alternative treatment modalities to be made available in Jersey.

Dr Jack is supported by TMS technician Suzanne Lamb.

Meet Our Team

Suzanne Lamb

Suzanne is a registered psychiatric nurse with vast experience of working with mental illness in a variety of settings. Having qualified from the University of Manchester in 2011 she has since gained international certification in TMS. Suzanne is passionate about delivering high quality treatment options. Suzanne works under the supervision and guidance of the Consultant psychiatrists within the TMS clinic.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Leigh provides experienced and efficient practice management for the team at TMS Jersey and the patients its working with.

Dr Bharat Irala

Dr Irala is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 15 years’ experience in psychiatry at a Consultant level.

Dr Irala is registered with GMC on Specialist register under the category General Psychiatry (GMC Number 6077729). He is a Specialist Associate of Royal College of Psychiatrists UK.

Dr Irala has over five years’ experience in TMS, having successfully treated clients for various psychological aliments.

Dr Irala is certified to deliver Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment by the European Union of Medical Sciences.

Dr Irala has worked across adult psychiatry and older people services assessing and treating mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression. Phobia, adult ADHD, Schizophrenia and he has specific expertise in assessment and diagnosis of dementia.

Dr Irala has a collaborative approach to shared holistic understanding of clients difficulties within the context of their personal, family, social and work life and how best to alleviate their distress.