Contraindications and Exclusion Criteria

TMS Therapy is contraindicated for use in patients who have conductive, ferromagnetic, or other magnetic-sensitive metals implanted in their head within 30 cm of the treatment coil.

Removable objects that may be affected by the magnetic field should be removed before treatment to prevent possible injury. (Examples include jewellery/hair barrettes, etc.). Once these objects are removed TMS is not contraindicated for these patients.

If you have any of the below then TMS therapy is contraindicated, and therefore would not be a viable treatment option.

Cochlear implants
Previously removed ICD
Magnetically activated dental
Implanted electrodes/simulators
Aneurysm clips/coils/implants
Ferro-magnetic ocular implants
Cerebral Spinal Fluid Shunt
Device leads
Pellets, bullets, fragments(30cm from coil)
Deep brain stimulator
Vagus nerve stimulators
Facial tattoos with metallic ink
EEG electrodes
DBS electrodes
Metallic devices implanted in head
Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)
Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Permanent tattoos and make-up, permanent retainers, braces, and other non-ferromagnetic materials in or around the head are not listed as a contraindication however there is still a potential for a negative reaction, side effect, or adverse outcome.