Where We Are

We operate from the ground floor at the Wellness Centre Castle Quay, Jersey, Channel Islands- TMS Clinic at Wellness Centre Castle Quay

Treatment is provided in a private, comfortable space which is easily accessible and has nearby parking at Castle Quay Waterfront carpark- watefront carpark. You will be greeted at reception and welcomed to the treatment room by the clinician working with you. The clinician will stay with you throughout the duration of treatment.

After a thorough review and assessment as to your suitability for treatment, an individualised treatment plan will be is devised.

Upon commencement of treatment, you will be reviewed by a Consultant Psychiatrist at midpoint and the end of treatment.

We will update your referring physician throughout the treatment process. We must be informed if you are under secondary mental health services so that we can liaise with those in charge of your care accordingly.